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Books By Rev. Dr. Niinana Kweku

Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood

Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood, is an autobiographical work detailing a Black Mans journey to his divine purpose.   In the book, Dr. Kweku writes about how this journey opened his eyes to what is expected of him as a father and a man.  Kweku states, "The understanding was that this is not in spite of,  but because of  how I was fathered as a child."   This great self help book from Rev. Dr. Kweku, is for anyone else on this same journey.   Book includes detailed plan of action for Black Fathers. 

Hard copy Available

Whiteout (E-Book)

This E-book details experiences and observations of the a African American  writer living throughout the decades.  Born into a family of sharecroppers, the writer compares the America from then vs. the America of today.   Rev. Niinana Kweku, speaks about Racism & White Supremacy from the White House to the outhouse.  The book looks at white supremacy, it's root and the effect of it across the world.  Rev.  Kweku, says, "This book is to serve as a reminder to all of us that white supremacy cannot endure without all of us participating.  We have got to change. We have got to free ourselves from the greed of capitalism. Remember, you cant spend your dollars with the people who control this white supremacist regime and not bear any of the responsibility." 

E-Book Available

CBD Ultra - Procana 


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3.Can reduce cancer-related symptoms

4.May reduce acne

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6.Could benefit heart health

7.Reduce inflammation

8.Though there is much to be learned about the efficacy and safety of CBD

results from recent studies suggest that the product may provide a safe powerful

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